Cozy Up With Wool this Fall

It’s that time of year again. Leaves are changing, pumpkin-flavoured goods abound, and temperatures are dropping, making way for my favourite part of autumn; changing my wardrobe over to those snug warm sweaters and jackets that I’ve been missing all summer long.

Wool sweaters are an age-old tradition in cold climates, and no wonder. The natural properties of wool are superb; it is a top-notch insulator, and it stays warm even when it gets wet. Wool is antimicrobial so you can wear it over and over again before washing, and it breathes better than synthetic garments. If you choose Merino wool, itchiness is a thing of the past; merino feels soft and cozy against your skin. The best part? Wool is a renewable resource, so you can shop guilt-free.

Women's Christiania
Christiania, Dale of Norway, $449 CAD

If you want a classic look this fall, look no further than Dale of Norway. The company has been around since 1879, and their garments are made right in Dale, Norway. My favourite this season is the Christiania; the details are impeccable, from the beautiful patterning to the cording that runs throughout the sweater.

Looking for something a little more edgy and bold this season? The trend this year is toward geometric designs, from zigzags to offset stripes to more tech-looking patterns. Icebreaker’s “flurry jacquard” print reminds me of computer code with a touch of alpine charm; their Affinity Half-Zip sweater is an especially flattering style. Smartwool also has some great designs this year, including the Isto Sport Stripe Sweater, which features an off-set zipper for easy layering.

Men's Tor
Tor, Dale of Norway, $279 CAD

My top pick for the guys is the Tor by Dale of Norway, which combines traditional elements and modern style. The sweater is decorated with the Norse runic symbols for victory and protection.

Of course, when winter arrives, these styles will be ideal for the mountains, whether you love the rush of racing down snow-covered slopes, or you just want to look fabulous sipping cocoa in the lodge. For now, you’ll enjoy the comfort and warmth of wool on those chilly fall days here in Calgary.

Have a cozy fall! See you at Ski West!

Kimberley Adams is a winter-wear enthusiast working in the apparel department at Ski West.